Blanco wins Bronze!

Award-winning rum

In its debut year, Blanco has earned a Bronze Medal in the 2021 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards, Australia’s first and largest national awards program that recognises excellence in Australian distilled spirits.

In 2021, the Awards received a record 765 entries from 191 exhibitors. This year’s entries were assessed over four days by 41 of Australia’s leading industry experts, including Seb Costello as Head Judge, with points awarded for appearance, nose, palate, balance and finish. Each entry is assessed blind and on its own merit, with no bias, against set criteria.

Blanco was among some serious competition in the Spiced Cane Spirit category and to win a medal in its very first year is an achievement we are proud of.

The judges provided excellent feedback and it's encouraging to know that Soltera Rum is ranked alongside Australia's top craft spirits.

December 16 will mark one year since Blanco was released under the Soltera Rum banner.

What the judges said about Blanco

"Lots of bright spice jumping out of the glass and well-integrated with some lovely cane juice notes, strawberries and mint and huge apple pie. Quite a deep spice on the palate, lots of woody notes, nice and dry, [a] really interesting spirit and very well constructed."