The distiller

Raising the rum bar

For as long as Keri can remember she's dreamed of having a small beachside rum bar somewhere in the islands.

Making rum is a step towards that dream.


As a young woman, Keri first tasted rum under midnight skies in the heart of the CaribbeanSince that first sip, she has found that wherever she ventured - from Spain to Mozambique, Cuba to Fiji - rum is enjoyed with delight. In 2015 this wandering spirit finally settled in Cabarita Beach and today makes rum by the beach.

Carpe diem Soltera Rum

It was while daydreaming about her beachside rum bar that she realised she could get underway right here in Caba, not with a bar but with rum. The Northern Rivers of New South Wales is awash with sugarcane, from which rum is made, and she reasoned that, after all, the journey is the destination.

Obsessively crafted - Pot distilled. 

Keri got busy. She spent two years visiting local and interstate distillers, pestering them with never-ending questions. She tinkered around with a 25-litre fermenter and experimented with different strains of yeast. Together with a little pot still she developed a bomb-proof recipe, at the same time concocting a novel way of infusing spices into the spirit. She travelled to Perth to view a still-maker's workshop before finally, in the middle of a global pandemic, she took the plunge and ordered an alembic copper pot still to commercialise.

Since then she has problem-solved a thousand hiccups and today, continually learning, is dedicated to producing high-quality spirits on a small scale. Keri is incredibly grateful to the community of Cabarita Beach for their support and encouragement every step of the way. It helps that they love her handmade Soltera Rum!

The rum bar in the islands remains her end goal.

Soltera Rum distillery Cabarita Beach