Goodtime Moonshine
Goodtime Moonshine
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Goodtime Moonshine

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Goodtime Moonshine is the world's first spirit of kombucha, artfully distilled by Cabarita Spirits from Ventura Brewing hard kombucha.

The clear liquor is floral-citrus forward. It features a distinct and nuanced profile bursting with elderflower, lemon blossom and hibiscus, with a short to medium finish. It's bright, vibrant and utterly unique. We don't believe there's anything quite like it. 

Goodtime Moonshine is a limited, one-time release, with a total of 220 bottles available only.

The story behind Goodtime Moonshine: A Happy Accident

Our 'Shine is the lovechild of resourcefulness, collaboration and innovation.

Dom and Shanu at Ventura Brewing had a surplus supply of their premium hard kombucha during the merry-go-round of lockdowns in 2021. It would have been heartbreaking not to see it enjoyed so they approached us at Cabarita Spirits to see if we would be interested in trialling a small-scale distillation experiment.

We had a 'why not, no expectations' attitude and were amazed when the distillery filled with a vibrant elderflower aroma! It really took us by surprise and it was clear that this was going to be something special. It’s taken close to a year to complete the double distillation of so many litres of hard kombucha, which were left to rest before bottling the limited release.

Goodtime Moonshine is a celebratory beverage made in the spirit of connection and collaboration to toast to the good times ahead.

Try it with a quality tonic or ginger beer, or in a bespoke cocktail below.


  • 45ml Moonshine
  • 15ml St Germain Elderflower Liqueur
  • 10ml Simple Syrup
  • 30ml Fresh Lemon Juice


  • 30ml Moonshine
  • 15ml Passionfruit Liqueur
  • 30ml Lychee Juice
  • 30ml Lime Juice

Please enjoy responsibly.

37% ALC/VOL   |   500mL

Cabarita Spirits donates 1% of all sales -- not profit -- to the planet and its people. Read more about our Good Rum initiative here.

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