Batch 001 - Trials and tribulations

Rum copper pot onion head

Produced in the spring of 2020, Soltera's first batch of its debut cane spirit, Blanco, is the result of 19 months of testing and experimentation. The last few months in particular were a trial on the new copper pot still.

Each still imparts a distinct flavour profile to the distillate it produces. This is largely due to the shape of its column and 'onion head' (pictured). It takes time to get to know a new still and work out how to get the right flavour profile.

Batch 001 is a full-flavoured, strong spirit. It was a labour of love and certainly is a testament to tenacity. It has been produced entirely by hand.

Sweet like a cherub's lips, but it has sass!

The spice mix is particularly subtle and floral, with notes of cinnamon and clove coming through.

To savour this historic batch, we recommend a deceptively simple serve: 45ml of Blanco with soda water and fresh lime. We believe that this is the best way to really taste the spirit and note the floral undertones that come from the molasses from which it is made.

Please enjoy responsibly.