Batch 003 - Soul-stirring

Bold and soul-stirring, this batch of Blanco cane spirit reminds us of Cuba. Made in column stills rather than pot stills, Cuban rums are generally far lighter in flavour than their Caribbean counterparts and are not usually spiced. Batch 003 is certainly more floral on the nose than spiced.

While it fermented under hot conditions in the heat of summer - which can generate strong rum oils - after its second distillation, Batch 003 was left to rest for six weeks before being thrice filtered to produce a clean crisp spirit. 

Light in body and mouth-feel, Batch 003 is a versatile cane spirit suited to most cocktails. Someone asked us the other day what it would mix well with, to which we answered, anything!

In true Cuban tradition though, our choice of mix for Batch 003 is plain ol' coke. Love it or hate it, this is the mixer in the classic Cuba Libre (literally, free Cuba). Add a generous squeeze of fresh lime and you're all set for a night of street-side salsa dancing.

Batch 003 amounts to 134 bottles (700ml, 40% ABV), with the first few already reserved to Pipit Restaurant in Pottsville. Shop now!


Did you know?

The Cuba Libre was created in 1900 to celebrate the end of the Spanish American War, when American soldiers fighting for Cuba's freedom toasted to a free Cuba. The original recipe also calls for a dash of gin and bitters!

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