Batch 004 - Our top bars and bottle shops

As we celebrate Batch 004 hitting shelves from Byron Bay to Brisbane, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank the bars and bottle shops that have been the wind beneath our wings these last six months.

Batch 004 is dedicated to them, as is this poem of appreciation.

Sugar rum and cocktail bar, Gold Coast


Miss whatchya having? He asked with a grin,

My friend, I said, think I’ll have a gin.

He peered into my eyes with a puzzled expression,

Are you sure 'bout this unusual transgression?

I stopped with a start and thought for a minute,

Hang on a tic, that’s not my choice of spirit!

Please pardon my gaffe and shake up a daiquiri,

That, he said, Miss I will make you quite happily.

For this is a rum bar in all of its splendour,

Here we serve romance garnished with adventure.

Our rums are so sweet and oh so aromatic,

If not already you’ll become a fanatic.

Rum swizzles and mai tais and piña coladas,

Long Island iced teas, sweet as caipirinhas.

And after all that if you’re still feeling low,

We’ll sort you right out with a fresh mojito!

So I sat on the stool with my arm on the counter,

And said, right bartender, time to serve me another!